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Play Tips:
The Hem and Boo and Kitty & Co Cat Toys are all designed to entice your cat to play.

All the toys contain the herb catnip, which attracts the cat to the toy.

Cats love to play.......its fun! Interacting through play helps you bond with your cat

whilst providing valuable exercise for cats of all ages.

The chase and pounce action releases energy and helps to fulfill their hunting needs.
Always end play-time on a high point by allowing the cat to catch the prey (toy) - for

their fun and feel good factor!
Hot Tips:
Always supervise your cat whilst playing with toys and treats.
Regularly check your cat’s toy for wear and tear and replace when necessary.

Cat Teasers and Pouncers

Pheasant/Duck/Rabbit Cat Pouncer CT3940

Leopard Spotted Mice
Cat Teaser CT3936

Hairy Eared Mice
Cat Teaser CT3917

Leopard Covered
Cat Teaser CT3941

Chirping Sound Feather Ball Toy
Cat Pouncer CT4145

Hairy Ball Face

Cat Teaser CT3916

Fish ball Cat Pouncer CT4650