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Funk it up! Put the zest and colour into your dog’s wardrobe! Durability, washability and strength!

Dog Collars, Leads, Training Collars and Harnesses

Black Stars Collar
DC0309, DC0308, DC0307

Purple Check
Collar DC4067, DC4068, DC4069
Lead DL4068, DL4069,

Skye Dog Blue on Black
Collar DC4064, DC4065, DC4066
Lead DL4065, DL4066,

Black Stars

Block Dog Pink on Black
Collar DC4393, DC4394, DC4395
Lead DL4394, DL4395

Block Dog Blue on Black
Collar DC4396, DC4397, DC4398
Lead DL4397, DL4398

Block Dog Multi
Collar DC4390, DC4391, DC4392
Lead DL4391, DL4392

For All Fashionable Friends!

Black Stars Training Collar
TC1412, TC1412, TC1414

Black Stars Lead
DL0308, DL0307

Diamond Circles RED
Collar DC4598, DC4599, DC4600
Lead DL4599, DL4600

Diamond Circles PINK
Collar DC4601, DC4602, DC4603
Lead DL4602, DL4603

Bold Zig Zags
Grey and Purple
Collar DC4604, DC4605, DC4606
Lead DL4605, DL4606

Bold Zig Zags
Grey and Blue
Collar DC4607, DC4608, DC4609
Lead DL4608, DL4609