This Kitty & Co ‘snag free’ range in Pantone plain Pink, Blue and Purple is made from a snag resistant material, preventing the claws pulling at the threads and tightening the collar. Perfect for kittens who need time to adjust to wearing a collar.
The harness and lead set is ideal for exercising your kitten and letting them explore their territory.  Available in ‘Snag Free’ Pantone Plain or the Spotty Printed Polyester in the bright fabulous fun colours!

Snap Free Kitten Collars
Harness & Lead Sets

Snag Free Snap Free Kitten Collar

3/8” x 4-8”, CC1458 Blue Pink Purple

Snag Free Kitten Harness

Neck 6-8” Chest 8-12’ CH2929 Blue Pink Purple

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Snap Free Spotty Kitten Collar
3/8” x 4-8”, CC3778

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Spotty Kitten Harness - Fully Adjustable

Neck 6-8” Chest 8-12’ CH4202
Red Black Blue Pink Purple Yellow